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    the evidence that, within the image, there is always something else.
"The evidence that, within the image, there is always something else." ~Roland Barthe.
Richeille and I try to bring our own eccentricities and nuances to every shoot. I truly believe we leave our self portrait in every image we create...but sometimes even with this 13 year old girl Camille Opp we come across a talent that 100% gets what we are trying to say.  She was inventive and like an author she created her own character.
Hair and make up Judy Jacomino, Pam Opp, mommy on set was truly helpful in every sense of the world.  Big thanks to Jessie at Cooperstown.
F&F are at it again and will catch you on the next shoot.  We are off to London, Berlin , Dusselfdor, Stuttgrard. Some galley openings showcasing the series "Circumstance" and work in progress of photography building our European series, includind a David Bowie tribute to be shot at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris..  We are also sitting down with book designers and writers commencing the beginning of our coffee table that will be available in the summer of 2013.