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    this work is for challenge and experiment of boundary of chair.

'This rough project named "A cottoen in the air" is for challenging to boundary of "chair" with using specific material and shape. '
A cotton in the air  (2012)
 objet seater
1200 X 1200 X 400mm
epoxy reinforced cotton
Can it still be called as chair with this shape and material?
A Cotton in the air, limited edition of studio JeilPark, is one such endeavor that defy being pegged down to a particular era in the modern age.   The shape of the chair is shaped to be a cross between a giant donut and an oval bean bag.   The bun like chair is made using stands of spun cotton yarn that the otherwise soft and floppy material is chemically treated to be stiff and shape retaining without losing the softness of its visage.