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    A research in advertising's past and present.
Noone is going to read all that copy, right?
BA Dissertation in Graphic Design, Akto Art&Design College.
In my research I deal with the print advertising – i.e. print ads – and the role of the copywriter and the art director. The main factor, around which I investigate, is the text (or otherwise copy) and its importance in print advertising.
The reasons, for selecting this subject, are two. Firstly, I want to emphasize on the importance of the copy in the job of an art and vice versa. The cooperation of those two, in a such a highly commercial work like the ad prints, brought to the world works of art which have been left in the history.
The second reason is because many young graphic designers and future art directors do not know the meaning of the text in an ad print, and many times they do not pay attention in the main reason to create an ad print, which is to "sell", and they consider it as secondary. Definitely an ad print can "sell" with only one picture, but they might have a greater impact with the right copy.
The text can be "measured" in quantity and quality. How do we know how much copy should be written and what tone should it have, in order to highlight the artwork? Obviously it is not a simple question. Every product and every consumer audience will identify with something different. And most importantly, everything is the idea. The idea is the one to show if and how visually and verbally should be an ad print supported.

You can see the whole book here:  http://issuu.com/dimkarable/docs/copybook
"Design is the how. It’s the foundation of all communication, the process and production of typography, color, scale, and placement. Art direction is the why. It’s the concept and decisions that wrap itself around the entire product."  
                                                                                                Jarrod Riddle, Sr. Art Director, Big Spaceship
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