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    This project is a special edition package design for the Quentin Tarantino movie, Django Unchained.
**Update** This project seems to be getting more attention than the final one. Check out the final product here! http://www.behance.net/gallery/Limited-Edition-Packaging-Django-Unchained/8443609
This project is a special edition package I concepted and designed for the new Django Unchained movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. I wanted the design to seem authentic with an Old West feel, but I wanted to give it a unique twist just like a Tarantino film.
In the movie, one of the first things seen is the giant tooth on top of King Schultz's carriage. I wanted that goofy tooth to be the first thing the buyer see's.
In the special edition package, I included an authentic looking version of the poster seen throughout the movie, the Soundtrack, BluRay, and three posters. (Not Pictured)
For the movie case, I included an illustration of an important scene in the movie depicting blood spattered cotton.
For the Soundtrack case design, I wanted to design it so that it looked as if a chain was being broken. I created a taut chain to spread across the front of the cover and designed the case to be opened from the center.
The design on the CD itself gives the viewer the illusion of the chain being broken. I included two black coffins on either side of the back of the cover that display the lyrics from the song "100 Black Coffins," which is included on the soundtrack.
There are 24 sons included on the soundtrack, which did not leave much room for illustrations. I decided to keep it clean and simple.
Poster 1 // Quote taken from Django Unchained
Poster 2 // Quote taken from Django Unchained
Poster 3 // Quote taken from Django Unchained