Every Moment Campaign

This campaign’s goal is to confirm for students that Calvin College is the right college fit for them. The campaign launches in a season where every university is competing for attention and final decisions. At this point in the communication cycle, the student should be well informed about Calvin College and have shown interest.

Unique socks were on trend for our target, young adult audience. We partnered with an alum who runs a Grand Rapids sock company, BoldSocks. He not only makes socks, he is doing ethical manufacturing and providing clean water for each pair of socks sold. His story was on brand with Calvin College and gave us an incredible success story to build the Every Moment campaign.

I worked with a writer and web designer to concept, design, and produce the campaign. The campaign included HTML emails, photo shoots, video production, designing socks and packaging, variable data instagram card deck, a website and social media visuals. In addition, we planned out the communication timeline. I coordinated and directed all photo and video shoots.

The design concept stems from Calvin College’s wayfinder symbol found in the logo. The yellow banding represents a timeline to show moments in time and how your next moment is at Calvin College. We selected a diverse set of students in hopes that a prospective student could see themselves in one of them and feel a sense of “fit” at Calvin.