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"Tale of Golden apples"

The work was done in the framework of public art program "Tale of Golden apples", Almetyevsk.
The curatorial program under the direction of the" street art research Institute " determined the vector based on the authentic heritage of Tatar culture. The theme of the project was the alphabet, combining a series of works in the series "Alifba/Alphabet".

The project is an illustration of five letters and words in the Tatar and Russian languages, the task of each of the artists was to come up and tell a story about the letter and the word given by the expert Council of Almetyevsk, I fell the lot on the letter "Җ" - "Җir/Earth".

The complexity of such projects lies in the fact that superficial knowledge about the culture of the country and the region does not fully reveal the theme of the plot, which only creates more interest to penetrate into the subtleties of culture and understand the internal processes of the spiritual organization of this national identity. The reference point for the formation of the plot was the search for a compositional and coloristic solution.
Setting a task to reveal the narrative of the future work, careful attention is paid to the composition, a variety of searches and options, the design and organization of space on the plane, also keeping in mind the coloristic intonation and the development of the types of the conceived, as a result, form an alloy of the completed work. Mainly important role is the object that will host the image, it is always of great importance, because the place always sets the tone and nature of future work, the important criterion is assigned to and color the interaction of the environment and story they should complement each other without engaging in dissonance with the surrounding space.

The style of execution of the work is dictated by my inner temperament, freedom of lines and plasticity of forms, breaking the idea of the correct proportions and academically verified laws of the anatomical representation of the structure of man and environment.

Material: Acrylic paint, brushes, rollers.
Size: 20 x 13.4 m.
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