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    Know Different Tips for Landscaping on a Tight Budget
Tips for Landscaping Your Lawn on a Budget
There are lots of people who choose to neglect their lawn because they think that landscaping will cost them a fortune. Well, that doesn't always have to be the case. You can get a beautiful looking lawn even without breaking the bank. Do you want to have a yard that you will be proud of and that will also raise the value of your home? Then check out the tips for landscaping your lawn on a budget that we prepared for you.

Have a Plan

Everything is easier with a good plan and landscaping is no different. People often start landscaping projects and spend big money on it only to realize that they are not happy with the way their lawn looks. This is why landscape designers recommend that you always outline a detailed plan before you start with the project.

Knowing exactly what you want and need will give you much better chances to extract the most value out of your landscaping budget and help you prevent money wasting. Also, when you hire a professional landscaper, they will have a clear idea of the things you want to achieve so you will end up with perfect landscaping.

Set a Landscaping Budget and Stick to It

In most cases, it is recommended that you spend five to ten percent of the total value of your home for landscaping. However, if this is way too much for you, don't worry. Having a big landscaping budget isn't a must when you start with the landscaping project, but you have to know how to use it in the best way possible.

Before you start making calls to landscape companies, you will need to crunch some numbers and know exactly how much money can you allocate to landscaping. This way you will have a clear overview of your current, and future expenses and landscaping won't hurt your home budget. Also, your budget landscape service provider will be more comfortable knowing your limits and will help you save money on their part as well.

Keep Realistic Expectations

It goes without saying, but you should have realistic expectations before starting your landscaping project. People often want to have fountains, big bushes, and tall trees as part of their lawn but these and similar decorations are expensive and often unnecessary. For example, smaller bushes cost a lot less money, and they will reach the appropriate size in a year or two. Also, landscape architects say that overcrowding your lawn doesn't give your plants room to grow and breathe while also hurting the overall landscape design.
Hire a Professional Landscaper

One of the common mistakes people make is trying to do landscaping on their own. While this may sound tempting at first and look like a better option for your budget, DIY landscaping projects can quickly become a money trap from which you'll have a hard time getting out. People who decide to do the landscaping by themselves can do more damage than good to their lawn and end up spending even money when the professionals have to fix their mistakes.

Depending on your needs you can opt for full-service or maintenance landscape company. Full-service landscape companies are a great choice if you want to redo your entire lawn while maintenance landscape company will provide better help with smaller modifications or when it comes to giving your yard a fresh look.

It's All About Timing

Most landscaping companies have their hands full during the spring and summer; since this is when almost everyone figures out that they could do something about their ugly lawn. This causes long waiting lists, and since the demand is high, most companies are not willing to give discounts for landscape services. This is why you should contact a landscaper during off-season, which is usually in January and February.

Since the job comes more rarely for them during this period, most landscape companies will agree to waive their consultation fees and will offer a discount or some kind of winter special. Also, the material like lumber and soil is much cheaper in winter months which will also help you save money.  

Landscape in Stages

Landscape experts say that one of the best ways of keeping your landscaping within a budget is to do it in steps. You can break your landscaping project into two, three or even more separate steps which will enable you to save money and manage your budget more efficiently. You won't have to spend money on loan fees or credit costs, and you'll be able to evaluate the results and adjust your plan accordingly.

There you have it. With these helpful tips you'll have a perfect lawn without spending too much money. Your friends and neighbors will envy you, and your house will gain significantly more value with proper landscaping. What more can you ask for?