Silfver Creations - Logo/Identity Development
Some jobs are really striking to develop. And this is why I could not wait to show the process of creating this logo. Daniel Silfver, photographer Silfver Creations, operates in Sweden and contacted me recently, hoping for a concept that represents a creative way to your way of working, which goes beyond just taking pictures, he calls this process' Creations '.

I would love constructive criticism, and of course, compliments :)
I hope you enjoy.
The concept is a simple representation of the camera shutter camera inserted in a field of great creations, creations cosmic creations really relevant and incredibly beautiful.
I always look for images as inspiration for my work, specifically in this case was not difficult to find an interesting source of inspiration. The wonderful Daniel Silfverworks brought me very quickly the idea for the personal logo concept .
Photos taken from Daniel Silfver website. See more of his creations here

Some designs are really special, and Silfver Creations is one of these. Besides the client satisfied I also believe to have reached a satisfactory outcome, and did a great friend in Sweden :)

This logo was Featured on Logopond - Logomoose - Logofury

I would be happy if you appreciate :D
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