Promotional work
The Arts Mission, an organization of philanthropically-minded Southern Indiana creatives, commissioned me to design this 24" x 36" banner for the meeting focusing on global culture. Logo design, layout, and globe graphic were produced by me. The original photo taken by Arts Mission founder and lead Chad Michel while in the Dominican Republic, depicts the boy holding a sea urchin. (Feb 2001)

Bourbonblog, a blog centering on life and culture of bourbon requested a black, simple, and elegant, full page ad for Chilled Magazine, Vol 4, Issue 4. (Sep 2011)
My graduating class was tasked with advertising for the New York arts conference Design Culture Now. My version was one of a few selected to appear in Creative Quarterly's second issue in a special spread honoring University of Southern Indiana's art department. With this particular piece, I laid in the type, but felt something was missing. A colleague suggested I figure out someway to 'string' the elements together. In this instance, I took that analogy literally. (Sep 2004)