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    Advertising studio and location shot for Zeeland Seaports.
I was asked to create an image for Zeeland Seaports, the third seaport of the Netherlands. The agency, Nilsson, gave me a briefing of the concept and send me a sketch of two shaking gloved hands with in the background the harbour. The characteristic facts of this company is that it is originally a family business, which has developed to a big, internationally operating seaport company. The people who work in the harbours and the clients do have a close bond with the company and the agency would like to emphasize that in the picture and the advertisement. 
We did a big location scout to find the right landscape for the background. It was important to show the right infrastructure parts of this harbour in combination with a nice sunset or sunrise. After we shot the landscape for the background, we shot the hands in the studio with a chroma-key technique.
Agency: Nilsson
Art-Director: Edwin Staps
Account: Rob Lambert
Photography Assistant: Nathan Marcusse
The original sketch.
The location scout
The background landscape photography.
The studio shots.