SUMI is a small wooden box, a geometrically re-designed “Yusan-bako”, a traditional picnic/sweets box indigenous to Tokushima prefecture. This is a three-tiered food box with a two-tiered outer box intended for portable use. The traditional “Yusan-bako” has two holes on both sides of the outer box, and therefore requires you to use both hands to open.However, Sumi allows the user to pull the inner boxes by one hand only.


Japan is facing a loss of outstanding works by traditional artisans, due to the exponential growth of the production of consumer goods. To uphold both the artisans’ traditional craftworks and local industry, NOSIGNER collaborated with the woodwork artisans in Tokushima to produce Sumi. We hope this contributes to the betterment of the situation faced by these artisans.


By changing the element of the hole to the corner, drawing the inner box with one hand was made possible. Due to this alteration, it was possible to better design the handle and the lid in a more functional way.In addition, SUMI was inspired by a special crystal structure called quasicrystal, that can be used accordingly to the application depending on the two variations of large or small.​​​​​​​

Product Design: Eisuke Tachikawa (NOSIGNER)
Manufacturing: Tsuboi Wood Craft
Marketing: MSY
Client: COLORS
Photo: Masaharu Hatta
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