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   KUYF | Exchange network
   Littleton, Colorado, USA


   Crystal Clear | Residential window cleaning
   Onalaska, Wisconsin, USA


   Greenlights USA | Energy saving CFL bulbs supplier
   Houston, Texas, USA

   Premiere EMS | Emergency medical services
   Dallas, Georgia, USA 

   Lusoatlantis | Frozen fish and seafood
   Guimarães, Portugal

   CoverGarage | Car covers and accessories
   Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA

   Celeris | Made-to-measure horse riding boots
   Felgueiras, Portugal

   Cor Espontânea | Art Gallery
   Porto, Portugal

   JMS Consulting | Marketing and advertising consultation services

   Brian's Tree Service | Tree care services

   EcoSatis | Ecology-oriented solutions provider
   Porto, Portugal 

   Caratel | Financial services
   Plantation, Florida, USA

   Stelliger | Fashion industry
   Paris, France

   Eurolabel | Self-adhesive label printing industry
   Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

   Officina Patina | Luxury handmade men's shoes
   Felgueiras, Portugal

   Jorge Marinho, MD, PhD | Doctor of Stomatololgy (Dentistry)
   Porto, Portugal

   Rome | Hair salon and day Spa with an ancient roman theme
   Proposal | Houston, Texas, USA

   Condental | Dental equipment and supplies
   Porto, Portugal

   Carolina Pereira Bijoux | Designer crafted jewellery
   Porto, Portugal

   Acori | Diamond design and jewellery crafting
   Friendswood, Texas, USA

   Capnatura | Creative design studio 
   Porto, Portugal

   M.A. Falvey | Painting services
   Hingham, Massachusetts, USA

   4 Minutes 2 Fitness | Fitness center
   Scotts Valey, California, USA

   Vip Hotels | Portuguese intercontinental chain of hotels
   Identity restyling | Lisbon, Portugal


   Magna Causa | Fashion industry
   Paris, France

   e-RealAgent | Electronic signature transactions in the real estate market

   Talson, Inc | Multi-discipline engineering
   Harahan, Louisiana, USA

   CASE | Security services
   Proposal | Candem, New Jersey, USA


   Napa Valley Credit Union | Cooperative financial institution
   Proposal | California, USA


   Novitaa | Office furniture, lighting and decor store
   Paredes, Portugal

   Burntec | Burners and heating systems
   Maia, Portugal

   Haig Branding | Brand consulting
   Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

   Georges | Craftsman shoemaker store
   Vincennes, France

   Sorting Solutions | Automatic sorting and checking machines

   e-GDS | Hospitality management and distribution systems
   Porto, Portugal

Identity | LOGOS | a selection

Identity | LOGOS | a selection

A selection of logos (corporate identities / brands). Concepts and graphic design by Ricardo Pereira. Exemplaria Design.
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