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Conferences, trade show booths, and signage

UC4 Integrate conference
For three consecutive years, under UC4 Software (acquired by Broadcom Inc) marketing leads, I was tasked to produce the look and feel of all signage and conference brochures. The logo for 2009 was provided, but I took the design aesthetic of the logo itself and built off of it. The 2009 brochure, still including bleeds, helps to
give a peak into the process of constructing the book.
Foam Core Signage for UC4 Integrate 2009 conference
Integrate 2010 brought on an opportunity to utilize the new branding. Again, like in 2009, I built the signage and brochure design around the provided No Limits lockup. Utilizing the angles formed in the new UC4 logo, I established an approved guideline involving treatment of boxes within page layout of case studies and various documents which carried over into the Integrate collateral. Additionally, to aid the conference goer as they perused each day's agenda whether on the posted signage or in the brochure, a particular color was designated, as well as a series of filled boxes in the top corners, denoting progression through the conference.
Foam Core Signage for UC4 Integrate 2010 conference
For Integrate's 10th anniversary, a Floridian theme was requested to be placed on not just signage and brochures, but custom hotel keycards. This was an exciting template to get to work in as the marketing team really cut me loose to do what I thought would represent the brand and messaging best here.
UC4 Integrate | Americas conference hotel keycard, front and back
UC4 commissioned me to prepare a European version of Integrate's lockup. While the city of Essen is small, I was personally familiar with the name as it hosts the annual Spiele das Jahre tabletop gaming convention. I sought out fellow community members of Board Game Geek for suggestions of local landmark imagery, and someone mentioned the Zollverein Winding Tower, a celebration of Essen's mining heritage.
UC4 Integrate 2011 | Europe conference lock-up
UC4 trade show booths
Over a three year span, I produced many trade show booth designs, curved pop-ups, lightboxes, and pull-up banners. These shows included shows in US, UK, Germany, The Netherlands.
Two panel booth with podium design
Trade show podium design, utilizing a gradient and watermarked logo.

Multi-panel booth design (Illustrator art boards visible)
Photo of multi-panel trade show booth design on location
Across the globe, UC4 partnered with many companies, requiring unique signage catering to particular markets. Among these were various posters and pull-ups.
SAP Partner poster for trade show in Germany
SAP Partner trade show pull-up
Conferences, trade show booths, and signage

Conferences, trade show booths, and signage

International trade show booth and conference designs used by CA Technologies (formerly UC4). Taking the UC4 style guide as reference, I produced Read More