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    Matzenau Castel @ Winter
Matzenau is set in the northeastern part of the Pannonian plains, in a small, idyllic village Prosenjakovci in Goričko. The castle was built in the first third of the 19th century in neoclassical style, which is characterized as an imitation of ancient Greek and old Roman art. Because of the shape of the entrance with lions in the middle it is assumed that the mansion was built by the Italian builders, specifically by the Venetian masters.

In the past Matzenau Castle was known for the beautiful park and the forest behind the castle and it was supposed to be summer and hunting residence for its owners. The most exciting stories say that even Napoleon himself slept at the mansion. It is not much known about the history of this mysterious castle and its owners, except about the life of the last owner, Carl von Matzenauer. Many stories, legends, mysteries, or events are connected with the life of the lastCount and his family in the present castle.

The mansion is surrounded by park Matzenau in which we can find certain types of trees that are highly extended here in Goričko and also those who are still rare in these places. You can find the forest trails on the park information boards, which contain basic information and illustrations of some tree species. The renovation of the park brought us also the regulated pathway for visitors, which is designed in the form of tears. In the park we can also organize an hour of meditation (yoga).