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Chicago, 3 June. According to a recent study, girls who suffer from the fact that their young people do not sleep at night should pay attention to their testosterone level. Scientists claim that insomnia is caused by the low level of this substance in men, writes Raut.
Eva Wang, MD, from the University of Chicago, claims that those young people who slept less than five hours a day for one week had significantly lower testosterone levels than those who had a good sleep. The low content of this substance in the blood of a man has many negative consequences, which include problems in the sexual life and further reproduction of offspring. They also have weaker bones, which does not allow to build muscle mass.
Eva Wang claims that low testosterone levels, due to lack of sleep, reduce physical and brain activity. Girls who face such a problem claim that due to insomnia, their young people subsequently experienced health problems.
The study showed that the lack of sleep capacity reduces the level of testosterone in the blood, and this can be equated with the loss of 10-15 years of life. Some doctors assure that insomnia is caused in most cases by endocrine disorders, most likely a young person has problems with the thyroid gland.An experiment was conducted in which 10 men took part. They passed a series of tests aimed at identifying endocrine and mental disorders that could cause sleep disorders. On average, the subjects were 24 years old. They had to sleep for 10 hours for three days, and then sleep for less than 5 hours for 8 nights. Every 200 minutes, scientists took the blood of men for analysis. As a result, it was noticed that the consequences of lack of sleep were serious. Testosterone levels are very low, which has led to a bad mood and a complete lack of cheerfulness. Testosterone deficiency caused a decrease in physical and mental activity.