T H E  N A T I O N A L
The idea behind this project is to take the sound and personality of a body of music and translate that into a visual package through the means of illustration and design.
The following is conceptual work based around The National's upcoming release, hopefully in 2013. For those of you who aren't familiar with The National, throw this on a background tab and enjoy! They're an excellent group and it would also aid you in understanding what I'm trying to represent here with this project. 
This was developed for one of three major studio projects during my final year at the Graphic Design program at Humber College. 
I chose Lato and Electra as my two main typefaces based mostly on their evenness and stability at smaller sizes. They also carry a lot of warmth and character within their letterforms, which is exactly what I'm looking for in representing a band like The National.
The main idea that I had in building this visual concept was to reflect the sense of elegance that you get when you listen to The National's music at a surface level. But at the same time, I had to match that cryptic and dysfunctional colour behind Matt Berninger's lyrics.
I wanted to convey that strangeness and ugliness of the lyrics not only through the illustration, but with the design as well. Here, I'm attempting to interrupt this pure, white geometry of the circle with the wonky looking tab element with the weird type treatment.
This beaten up feather that sits on the front of the booklet acts as a sort of shadow to the first feather that was shown earlier. I used these two as a little symbolic/narrative tool which I hope you will understand... or interpret for yourselves.
© Copyright 2013 James Lee Chia Han.