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Deep In The Forest - Trailer
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    This is a project where Hoggarton with Inland Studio have been working since some months ago. Here is the first Trailer.
There still are some "Grandfather trees" in the world. Standing in the deep woods, where they rest and remember thousands of years lived. 
Like any living thing, the tree could be cut off and die, but whoever does, should know that, the next full moon will be haunted by the soul of the dead tree.
"Deep in the Forest" tells the story between grandfather tree and a village of woodcutters.

Aún quedan algunos Arboles Abuelos en el mundo. De pie, en lo profundo del bosque, donde descansan y recuerdan miles de años vividos. Como cualquier ser vivo, el arbol podrá ser cortado y morir, pero quien lo haga debe saber que, la proxima luna llena, será perseguido por el alma del arbol muerto.
"Deep in the Forest" cuenta la historia de un Arbol Abuelo y una aldea de leñadores. 
Music of Mr. Tom Waits - 
Album Blood Money // "God's Away on Business"