Hudson Clearwater Sloop
[project brief:]
Create a logo and brochures for Pete Seeger’s Hudson River Sloop Clear­water. The project’s main focus is the Clear­water, a sloop that was con­structed to help edu­cate indi­vid­uals in envi­ron­mental sci­ences and bring people to see the beauty of the river. At the time Seeger envi­sioned this project the Hudson was full of toxic chem­i­cals and junk, this was a way to act and raise awareness.
[my take:]
By uti­lizing india ink I cre­ated graphic trans­la­tions of river water and sail boats to arrive at a logo I was sat­is­fied with and could illus­trate on the com­puter. I then over­layed pho­tog­raphy of river­water and river crea­tures on top of eachother to pro­vide a uni­fying expe­ri­ence. Typog­raphy and layout of pho­tog­raphy then became inter­twined on the canvas.
Student Project