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    helvis pop-up book
University project to create a history and a pop-up book
Ive created all the illustrations using typography, the characters have the name similiar to the original name of the font wich they´ve been created, for example, helvis=helvetica, frutinha=frutiger and so on. The book contains apart from the pop-up pages, a page to record custom sounds to make the voice of frutinha and lights.
A summary of the history:
Helvis, was a misunderstood monster, from the planet Afour (A4) he lived in Los Types, the only population of the planet, the rest was just a blank sheet of paper, Los Types was a place where everyone spoke correctly using the condensed type. Helvis had been abandoned, he didnt had a language defined because no one teached him, so he spokes all he had heard from others, spitting words in bold, italic and regular type so quickly and anxious that everyone runned away from helvis scared. He wanted someone to understand him, without family, he decides to go away from Los Types and stay in the blank pages...
Helvis hears some shouting and looks for the source of the voice when he perceives, he sees the sexiest little monster ever! 6 eyes, 1 arm, 2 hairs and 3 legs of pure seduction, her name was Frutinha.
Frutinha didnt like their rich family rules, so she had runned away from them, her language was identical from Helvis, it didnt take long for them to know each other, demonstrating that although different in their language and their ways, we are all equal and deserve as much as others to love and be loved.

helvis sketches
final helvis
frutinha sketches
final frutinha