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    An typography brief to create 3 pages of a broadsheet style editorial, with one page being duo-tone.
You are required to create the design for a broadsheet newspaper. The publication is dedicated to the subject of art & design and your newspaper should exhibit the qualities of an ‘up-market’ publication, demonstrating aesthetic use of typographic hierarchy, image and grid work. You should try to avoid any reference to ‘tabloid’ newspaper design. At least one of your three pages should be designed as a duo-tone.
The concept behind Two-Tone was for each edition to use a different pantone colour for the front cover. I focused mainly on my typography and creating a balanced look throughout. The colour used here was Pantone 7687 C. We had to design a front cover, a page focused on a letter of our choice, and a feature page for a creative of our choice.
Front Cover
Featured Letter Page
Featured Artist Page