Packaging Design
The brief was to design an identity and packaging for a new alcholic beverage. The drink was rum based and had its roots in the Caribbean island of Martinique. I modeled the identity on old printed labels on sugar cane boxes. The five pointed symbol in  the middle of the 'o' and is seen throughout the rest of the design is based on ther boise lele used in cocktail making in the islands and is grown on Martinique. 
A promotional cocktail list to be displayed in bars.
The bottle label. and tissue wrapping. I decided to stick closely to the simple typographic designs seen in local Martinique beach bars, while keeping with the letterpress style of the old sugar cane crates and stamps.
Finally the Point of Sales for the product. Again continuing the rustic letterpress typographic style of the label and promotional cocktail list. I also decided to use a pinewood box and hand made straw to again emulate the sugar cane packaging so important to the islands history.
I had great fun making this project as it allowed me to explore some new digital and hand craft skills. I think the project was a success, but let me know what you think.