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BBC Bitesize GCSE Religous Studies
BBC Bitesize Northern Ireland
GCSE Religious Studies
TAUNT produced 30 minutes of animations (10 x 3 minutes) for BBC Bitesize Northern Ireland, to provide students with further explanations of GCSE Religious Studies that are in line with the new curriculum for the subject.

The target audience was 14 ‐ 16 year old students studying CCEA  GCSE Religious Studies. These animations needed to be concise, imaginative, informal and accessible with a pacey and natural quality. It is vital that content feels part of the students’ world.

We created something that is quirky and interesting for a young audience whilst still remaining educational and sensitive to the subject matter. We were conscious to try and include a level of humour that is often needed to maintain interest in this age group, while keeping it tasteful and appropriate to the content.
With so many characters, we designed them to be as flexible as possible; adjusting clothes, hair and skin tone to add variety to the cast.  The result was a cast of charming characters with a simplified and readable quality.

Our hero characters were rigged by the team at Humain, while the rest were rigged with the auto-rigging tool Mixamo. Leading the team was Head of Animation Aimeé Kirkham Priester, who delivered over 200 shots over the duration of the project.

Director/Character Designer/ 3D and 2D Generalist: Tom Getty
Producer/Storyboard Artist/3D and 2D generalist: Fiona McLaughlin
Animator/ 3D Generalist: Aimeé Kirkham Priester
3G Generalist/Modeller: Dermott Burns
2D Artist/Animator: Daniel Wilson

Sound design: OUTPOST - Simon McCormick

Main Character Rigs: Humain

Writer: Gillian Colhoun
Educational Consultant: Mark Smith
BBC Bitesize GCSE Religous Studies