BTV Rebrand 2018

2018 BTV Brand update his focused in SL Benfica Club
values and explores the Red mystical strenght and it´s
symbology to comunicate with Club fans and with Sport
fans in general.​​​​​​​ The challenge was to achieve a modern
approach similar to the language of new digital platform
solutions and to simplify the user experience processes.
The new  BTV identity is Inspired in the movement of the
Eagle Wings and the result of this formal synthesis
generates geometric patterns and linear dynamics
that we can find throught Brand experience.

Concept, Design, Motion and Infographics: Misterwonderloo

Filmed and Produced by Arizona:
Direction: Henrique Serra
Photography Direction: Pedro Rato e Henrique Serra
Assistant Direction: Pedro Rato
Production: Miguel de Almeida
Production Assistant: Carlos Trindade
Film Post-Production: Pedro Domingos

Special thanks to Alexandre Costa from Brandcook
Produced @BTV

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BTV Rebrand

BTV Rebrand

2018 BTV Brand update his focused in SL Benfica Club Values and explores the Red mystical strenght and it´s symbology to comunicate with Club fan Read More