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    Building a brand for a new iconic landmark with Brutalist roots.
Building a brand for a new iconic landmark with Brutalist roots.
Initially designed as a student centre by architect Huig Maaskant, the striking Bunker building will find a second life as a residential tower. Original architectural elements typical of the Brutalist movement have been respectfully embedded in the new design, which now includes a 100 metres high tower. When designing the identity, we made it our priority to highlight the tension between the boldness of Brutalism and the flair of this contemporary renovation.
The sense for materials, surfaces and hard edges typical of Brutalism is reflected in the design of the communication assets. Abstract silhouettes of the BunkerToren building define the space and can be used in a versatile way to frame text and images. We carefully selected papers embossed with different textures to evoke the mix of crude, rough and sometimes luxurious materials used in the construction, such as concrete, steel and wood.
Image by Powerhouse Company
The identity strikes a balance between raw and sophisticated, cultivating a 
monumental but classy aesthetic.
The website offers an interactive index and a 360° viewer of the apartments.
Information shown is for illustrative purposes.