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    Infographic used to describe the environmental impact of mobile phones.
Environmental Impact of Mobile Phones:
The mobile phone has become one of the most used and essential pieces of technology for life in the modern world. It has had such a positive impact on so many peoples lives. Now any perosn in the world can be in  contact with anyone else directly and instanly. It has become the fastest selling and more tellingly one of the most disposible items of kit we consume. What happens when the 5,6 billion phones currently in use are replaced on average every 18 months? This is a project that takes the most relevant statistics in reference to the environmental impact of mobile phones.
This infographic was carefully designed with the flow of the eye in mind. This helps easily diseminate the facts, while bringing the information together. I used a brake down of the iPhone 5 to create a 'blueprint' look to the graphic.