rhizom zweizwei
rhizom zweizwei
Rhizom is a student magazine published at the Münster School of Design. The 22nd issue called rhizom zweizwei” examines all kinds of repitions in our everyday world – discussed and designed by a team of twelve students. Andy Warhol, repetition in music, dementia, trends and upcycling are some of the topics you can discover while thinking about how to design your individual cover.
Editorial and design by:
Magdalena Banning, Jule Bunsmann, Julia Clossen, Svenja Ennen, Nina Lakeberg, Tobias Kaiser, Rike Neuhoff, Laura Niggemeier, Konstantin Schulze, Sarah Stemmler, Adrian Szymanski, Saskia Willenbrock

rhizom zweizwei
Multiple Owners
Adrian Szymanski