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My goal was to make an unusual commercial that didn't seem like a commercial at all. After talking to a lot of people about the project I found that most didn't like V8 at all, so, I decided to go with a new approach. I entice my audience with a mustache and a playful tone.
"This red mustache" is how it starts, instantly your curiosity peeks and you want to know what this is about. you don't know you are watching a commercial for V8 until almost the end. But even when you do know what you are watching you stay when the mustache drops down and gets shaken off.   
Kids will think it's funny, health buffs get a little info about the drink, and even the people who don't like V8 get a laugh and something to talk about. Word of mouth is a powerful thing and so is making someone laugh so the combined result should be a good one.