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    Folding mask made out of A4 paper without any cut.
I was invited to take part of an exhibition, to be promoted by The Drawing Book, with the theme the artist behind the mask. It was challenging to create this mask made out of an A4 paper without any cut, because there was no exact clear brief. It’s difficult to create when you can do anything! I had days with a huge flux of ideas and I decided to represent in the masks what I felt those days. The subway lines from Tokyo was the graphic inspiration to my feeling. Ideas coming and going into my mind and, finally, just like an efficient transportation it took me where I wanted to come. Thanks Matt and Bec for the support! 
This one's and others artists masks will be on show from February 26th till March 3rd.
M2 gallery, 4/450 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.
pictures and gifs by Ricardo Toscani
My name is Fabiano
I'm O Silva too. That's my mask.
It hides my personal ID, but reveals my talent.
I don't need to be a super hero to wear it
Anyone has a mask.
My work is mine.
What's yours?