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Integration / evolution thinking

Increase the number of innovators learning from the creativity of biological evolution.


Society is changing drastically. Even now 50 years later since 1972, which was said to be the limit of growth for human beings, we are still growing today. Changes to halt the collapse of biodiversity and actions to keep a sustainable society no longer have a temporal grace. We need more people to change society. We often say that things "evolve" by changing society. If we say that the changing society is evolving, will we be able to learn more about the process of this evolving society, from the evolution of living things?​​​​​​​


Inventions—everything crossbreeds and integrates.


Even in the design of artifacts, things are constantly evolving and culling from advances in technology, human interests and within the changing context of time. The development of species on the premise of diversity closely resembles the form of evolution of living things. The invention constantly seeks to supplement the evolution of people. Being faster and more comfortable is perhaps not the kind of design that has been advanced by such philosophy and instinct of mankind. If evolution and the design of living organisms are sufficiently similar, it should make innovation easier, by understanding the process well, applying this to inventions and designs."Evolution Thinking" is a methodology of creativity for education, to learn the ways of thinking, from nature.


Blending and coexisting. Living creatures integrate and evolve. A leading example is the way in which single-call organisms incorporated another type of  organism, mitochondria, in the process of evolving into animal cells. Other examples include how sea slugs acquire a capacity for photo synthesis by ingesting chlorophyll from algae, and the mechanism by which children inherit dominant genes from their parents. Integration could be seen as one of the basic law of evolution.​​​​​​​ Integration is an indispensable method in man-made design and innovation, too. Joseph Schumpeter once defined innovation as "new combination" (neue Kombination): in the field of human invention, integrating different things is the foundation of creating new ones.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

An example of integration between the natural and artificial realms is genetic engineering.Humans have unlocked the secrets of DNA and reached a stage at which organisms can be equipped with new functions, as in the case of implantation of spider genes in coli bacteria to enable them to produce the same kind of thread as spider silk. However, the question of how new species with "hacked" DNA might impact their environments remains open; the future is unknown, and serious doubts remain.​

融合して, 共生する。生物は融合して進化する。単細胞生物が 動物の細胞に進化していく過程で、他の生物だったミトコンドリアを取り込んだのは、まさに代表的な例だろう。他にも、藻からクロロフィルを取り込んだ ウミウシが光合成できるように進化する など、他者の機能を取り込んで拡張する融合のプロセスは、進化のための基本法則の一つと言える。人工と自然の間にある融合の例では、遺伝子操作が挙げられる。蜘蛛の 遺伝子を植えこむことによって、蜘蛛の糸と同質の糸をつくることのできる大腸菌を生み出すなど、人はDNAの謎を解いて新しい機能を融合した生物を作るに至っている。しかし、DNAをハックされた新しい種が環境にどのような影響を及ぼすかという視点では、未来は全くの 未知である。
人工物のデザインやイノベーションに とって、融合は欠かせない方法だ。 かつてヨーゼフ・シュンペーターが、イノベーションという言葉を「新結合」と定義したように、人工物の発明では、別々のものを融合させることが新しいモノを 生み出すための基本である。

Integration Circuit.
In a short space of time, the mobile phones we use have become an integration of the radio, the camera, the computer, the compass, the GPS, the notepad, the gaming device, and countless other tools. As expressed by the term "destructive innovation".  as integration has advanced, the markets for these individual tools have been swallowed up by the smartphones. Here, we have gathered together each of  these tools, and observed how they are integrated. What emerges from this asa whole is the form of desire: the kind of evolution that humans crave. We can also catch a glimpse of the margin remaining for evolution in the future.​​​​​​​

いつの間にか私たちが使う携帯電話には、無線・カメラ・コンピューター・方位磁針・GPS・メモ・ゲーム機など、無数の道具が融合している。破壊的イノベーションと言われるとおり、融合が進むと同時に、これらの道具の市場は携帯電話に飲み込まれているとも言えるだろう。ここでは、それらの道具たちを一つ一つ 集め、融合を観察した。その全体像から 見えてくるのは、人がどんな進化を 望んでいるかという欲望の形であり、隙間に見えてくるのは未来の進化の余地でもある。

Evolution Thinking came to be by integrating all ways of thinking.


"Evolution Thinking" started as a small experimental exhibition, and is currently gradually spreading, while being supported by proponents such as the automobile company, the real estate company of the largest scale in Japan and the manager of the global company of apparel. (Reference article: Harvard Business review etc). We will continue to provide "Evolution Thinking" as a program to nurture innovators that change society. In order to realize a sustainable symbiotic society, do not you think that there is at least one innovator within 2000 people, aiming for social change? While it is said that by 2050 the population will exceed 10 billion, one in 2000 is one in five million. With that, we believe that a superior educational program that truly brings up a number of people who realize social change is necessary.

小さな実験的展示から始まった進化思考は、いま日本最大級の規模の自動車会社・不動産会社やアパレルのグローバル企業の経営者など、徐々に賛同者に応援されながら広がりつつあります。(参考記事:Harvard Business review etc)私たちは進化思考を社会を変えるイノベーターを育てるためのプログラムとして提供し続けます。持続可能な共生社会の実現のためには、最低でも2000人に1人程度は、社会変革を目指すイノベーターがいてもいいと思いませんか。2050年までには人口が100億を突破すると言われている中で、2000人に1人は500万人。そのためには、本当に社会変革を実現する人を数多く育てる優れた教育プログラムが’必要だと考えています。

Integration / evolution thinking

Ginza, Tokyo, Japan​​
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social design for evolution thinking​​​​​​​

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Integration / evolution thinking

Integration / evolution thinking

Blending and coexisting. Living creatures integrate and evolve. A leading example is the way in which single-call organisms incorporated another Read More


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