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    Invitation to a photography exhibition, collaboration between Rice Creative / Dong Hau / L’Usine
We participated in an art exhibition with photographer Arnaud De Harven. The exhibition took shape with our collaboration and was primarily about the life, death and rebirth of analogue photography. Aside from creating pieces for the show, we created the shows identity, which became important as the work itself discusses advertising and commercial art.
For the invitation we created a story and shot it frame by frame. This film sequence was reproduced 200 times for the 200 needed invites. The receiver of the invite would get a roll of 35mm film, and be instructed to pull on the tab. The exposed film inside could be read one frame at a time. Each frame had a story of it’s own as well as giving all of the pertinent information such as time date, venue, and exhibition participants.
Photographer: Arnaud de Harven
Images shot by Arnaud de Harven