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    Animal project for kind of notebook products
Everything started with a ferret wearing a pullover, for a photoset dedicated to
Cecì n'est pas un signet, a project of Alice Meden.
Then.. also to end my bottle of nail polish - really a stupid idea. Don't try it at home -
Good, in spite of stink and inflated plastic that's a fine result.
But.. uhmmm..
As soon as the ferret is born, the idea has already experienced success
and I kept the first commission on another agenda.
I dunno what kind of beast I created but has been soon recognized as an exemplary of
Urocyon littoralis, a fox species in danger of extinction. Dunno why, is not like it at all..
but I liked it anyway and nobody can stop fantasy and imagination of people :3
...that this project could be supported by an organization to help animals in danger of extinction.
Adopting one of theese agendas to adopt an animal, donating the proceeds
to preservation of its species.
I know it's not the most original idea of the world, but surely if my contribution could start from this project I'll be glad to be part of it..
A Canis Rufus handmade with markers on my Moleskine cover.
A Panthera tigris amoyensis handmade always on my Moleskine cover.
A gorilla gorilla handmade always handmade on my Moleskine cover.
And there are more and more beasties still to draw, still to save..
WARNING: the project cannot be used without my consent, much less you cannot appropriate the project and design style shown on this portfolio.
Contact me if you're interested, send me a message from my Behance page or write me a mail: len.antistart@gmail.com