I had the joy to work for Sunfrost, an alternative rock band located in Paris, France.
Here's the artwork I created for their latest album, "North", using the photo of Boris Wilensky [www.urban-vortex.com; www.boriswilensky.com]
The original photo was slightly edited to provide the "cold" effect the band was looking for, and it was folded twice, as to create the four departments for the digipack, in a way that if the digipack could be unfolded, that would look like a big poster.
I decided to use the many lines and departments the original photo also provided, to place the typography, keeping it as simple as possible. Also, as we udes the compass sign for the O, in North, I used the element in the orientation of the final file. As in all maps, all the information can be easily read only if the compass is pointing to the North, that's why the typography in all the parts of the digipack is placed like this.
I've also created the logo for the band.

You can view the band's website and purchase their album, here: