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    Here are some of our concept designs for Mirror Mirror and commented by our concept artist Olivier Martin.
All those images are Concept-designs illustrations made during the preproduction for Mirror Mirror.  
We were asked to develop the look for the environments of the movie under the guidance of  the VFX supervisor Tom Wood, the production designer Tom Foden and the director Tarsem Singh before going in full VFX production for the film.
Olivier Martin, our concept artist will comments the following designs.
The goal of this concept was to define the look of the castle entrance. Everything had to be pure white and shiny gold.
The castle was inspired by Russian castles and from Gaudi's Gardens shapes. The trees were meant to be frozen fantastical trees ... we had to give a  fairy like ,fantastical and eccentric look for this magical kingdom
This image was created to establish the look of the environment around the castle.

We created multiple versions for the forest and hills based on Tarsem's request: He wanted a white castle with a white lake surrounded by a white forest 
We wanted to define the look of the road to the castle...we used a symmetrical and vertical composition to give a majestic look for this entrance.

Tarsem wanted a very white and clean feeling to the look so we used a lot of birches around the castle 
This was an early concept, a very dark version of the castle environment.  As the kingdom was taken by the evil queen, we wanted to show the contrast between the beautiful Snow White castle now in the hands of the evil queen....everything is frightening : dark sky and birds, sharp shapes, black mountains and trees but we finally took a step back to a more gentle and more approachable family friendly look since the tone of the movie is more comedic.
We had to define the look of the village, especially the roofs since only a small portion of the village was built on-set. In fact, only the lower section of the four houses in the middle had been built, the roofs and the rest of the village was always meant to be created in computer graphics.  
That is the reason we had to establish the look, feel and shape of this village before building it in computer graphics. The houses were inspired by old French houses from the east and the village had to form like a pyramid with sharp roofs 
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