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SAFRAN | the air

Safran          2017          web
concept • design • copy • code

Safran is an international aerospace group powering aircrafts and high tech drones to satellites and space launchers. We designed an interactive landing page on the Group's site to give an immersive feel of aviation to future engineers and mechanics.

videos on scroll • interactive aircraft • ​​​​​​​visual game • ​​​​​​​animations on scroll

Safran asked de jaune et de bleu to build an orientation hub for aviation. After insightful iterations, we produced a behind-the-scene experience where high interactive contents spark the conversation between students and parents.

First, visitors are lead to take a closer look at an airplane, to analyze visually the very shape of it and identify main functions and equipments. By clicking on them, a brief introduction to technical job families is displayed.

interactive airplane

landing gear
brakes and braking system
inertial navigation

Then, time for a try. Now that visitors can easily picture what makes an aircraft, they can practice on a short visual game and discover the job families working on both manufacturing and maintenance.

visual game inspired

non destructive testing 
coordinate measurement 

These processes and workspaces embody the Group's culture and values. The landing page highlights on what skills and people's evolution Safran counts for the future, and all the ways to take part of the journey.

links to job qualifications and full description
links to training programs in aviation
links to job offers

videos on scroll • parallax • smooth scroll css animations lazy load • ​​​​​​​js es6

immersive content 
for storytelling

smooth scroll

desktop • mobile • integration into existing drupal cms • ​​​​​​​multilingual

The landing page had to live on the Group's site. So we played with the foundations of the existing graphic charter, using tiles and 3D models, and found the right design refill to convey tech spirit and fast movement.

desktop / laptop, mobile

merit awwwards • hit top 3 on the group's site

After the launch, the landing page performed in the top 3 on Safran Group's site for several months. This collaboration brought about more HR investment from Safran into interactive projects to inspire the young.
SAFRAN | the air

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SAFRAN | the air

Safran is an international aerospace group on the look out for young applicants to inspire. We designed an interactive landing page on the Group' Read More