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Smart Home technology intelligently gives you ultimate control over your home by automating the lighting system, dimming, blinds, electrical appliances, audio and security systems.

Smart Home connect all the appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you.


Dortmund, Germany​​​​​​​

Make a lively, mobile logo – not just a letter / sign.
Transformation from a letter to various icons

Beat the letters NX, where X is stylized as a fan with the rotation direction. 
Possible options X to degree 2x​​​​​​​
It isn't desirable to overload the logo with visual elements.
About colors, it will be reasonable not to use hard combinations of blue and red


The salt using as a fertilizer is the right decision, the nutrition of plants is improved. This technique was widely used in the times of our distant ancestors, when it was very difficult to get mineral fertilizers
The company is organized by experienced managers and engineers who have worked for many years in the industry. Employees of the company solved the problem of designing and manufacturing complex and non-standard systems.

In order to save the fruits infected with blight from death, it is necessary to influence the acceleration of the process of their ripening.​​​​​​​ Many in this case, apply phosphorus-potassium fertilizer, however, you can feed the plants and ordinary salt.

In addition, a thin salt film formed as a result of such processing will help protect the fruit from further infection with late blight.

The careful attitude of the company to its specialists ensures the continuity of knowledge and high motivation of the staff for the result: the development and supply of high-quality equipment to our customers

The long-term experience of the design bureau staff allows to apply not only the best existing solutions, but also own know-how for the development of the most efficient devices​​​​​​​

Modern designing and technological software allows to minimize the interval between the start of design and the transfer of a complete set of documentation for production

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Logo. Factory

Logo. Factory

Industrial logo design process. Dortmund is a city in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia region. It's known for its Westfalen Stadium, home to the Read More