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Arhitonika – products for electrical systems and landscape lighting. In brand retail stores you can purchase items such as lamps, sockets, switches, LED lamps, floor hatches, modular systems, columns, motion sensors and others.

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St. Petersburg, Russia​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Office equipment and residential products of Arhitonika allows to beautify the area, and greatly simplify the process of using electrical equipment. Products perfectly with any interior and adds his own colors and interesting stylistic forms.

Presented products meets all national standards, and the quality isn't inferior to their international peers. 
There aren't only the russian versions of the products, but also the popular international options of fixtures 
and installations in the company product range.

You can find products: 
•  Fede 
•  ABB 
•  Unica
•  Simon
•  Marbel
•  Russian light
•  Merten
•  Legrand​​​​​​​


The design switches are presented in different forms and shapes on the company website. You can purchase a one-button and a double-button models of various colors. There are switches for using in nurseries and bedrooms. You can even find transparent forms, which are made of many different materials.

Sockets are also presented in a wide assortment. There are a variety of protective caps and standard made of metal (or other material), moisture-proof. Also we have columns with sockets. You can buy an interesting sockets for your park or garden. All of them are durable, high strength and with colorful design.

Lamps are represented by two teams – the landscape and interior. If the choice of installation is correct, the landscape lamps may illuminate a large area of ​​the garden (yard), and at daytime – will look very nice and organically.

The interior lamps are easily fit into the room design and complement it with their unmatched features and shapes.

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Arhitonika like a company is constantly working on the introduction new products to the electrical installations market.

We have pretty well based it on the growth of the product range in the website catalogs. The client has the opportunity to acquire a really innovative version of a product, not overpaying much money.

Acquiring any product from the Arhitonika catalog, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality and durable product with high strength and excellent aesthetic component.

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dropbox link in the description below video

Free download icons. Interior project

Free download icons. Interior project

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