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    Rediseño de la identidad corporativa de la firma de consultores Kreston Ltd. Proyecto realizado en Tipos Libres.
The union of two or more entities at a single point
To add one to another, combine 
The right response to questions posed by a particular problem
These key concepts will provide the foundation for the creation of graphics and typography that will capture and express the brand and its identity.
This conceptual foundation will serve as the creative incubator for lines that converge at a single point, in a summation of transparent colours creating a stronger, more distinctive and precise graphic expression.
The result:
The convergence of a diversity of talent supporting the summation of creativity and experience creates the synergy necessary to arrive at a solution that exceeds expectations.
Once defined, the graphic style will give rise to typography unique to the brand and the brand’s dominance, with distinctive elements of the creative foundation of the design.
This unique typography will carry the force and identity necessary to make it memorable and recognizable as expressive of and belonging specifically to the brand.