ST. GEORGE 3000 - solo show
Hey guys!
On October 6th 2018 I opened my last solo exhibition in Varese, Italy.
I'd like to thank Substrato team, Alkanoids team and Andrea Masi.

The exhibition talks about my reinterpretation of "St. George and the Dragon" story.
There are 12 canvasses, and each one can animate with an app called ARIA.
In front of the last canvas, at the end of the show,
there's also a sculpture that represents the dragon's head.

Enjoy the illustrations and the animations!
1.   "The city through the mountains"
2.   "A big pond, where a dragon can hide"
3.   "The dragon kills all the people he meets with his breath"
4.   "Citizens offer two sheeps a day to the dragon"
5.   "Then, they give him a sheep and a random guy, in sacrifice, every day"
6.   "The Princess is drawn by lot
and the King offers his net worth to save her"
7.   "The Princess goes to the dragon"
8.   "George the knight"
9.   "George hurts the dragon"
10.   "The Princess and George bring the dragon to the city,
in the face of the terrified glances of the citizens"
11.   "George kills the dragon and cuts off his head"
12.   "St. George and the head of the dragon"
Hope you enjoyed and see you soon, guys!
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ST. GEORGE 3000 - solo show

ST. GEORGE 3000 - solo show