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Unfortunately, we all know that print is dying, but not all print! If it's really good, it can still beat our urge to start scrolling! So for our final issue, we set out on a mission to create a magazine that would make you forget your phone for a minute. So, compared to our pervious issues, this one is not a coffee table mag. It's made to be used. Or even better: worn out.

Everything from the features to the format, the choice of paper to the layout—are all based on research, goal and function. In addition to being way smaller and more rugged than the previous issues, the first 100 pages are words only, the last 100 all about visuals—and if you want, you can even tear the mag in two with the help of a perforated line. Now you have two products: A small booklet of short and long reads on design that you can bring along anywhere (or share it with your someone special) + a printed gallery of some of the finest design and visuals of the world. 

Creative direction/chief editor: Veronica Mike
Design and layout: Jana Papierniková and Endre Berentzen
Cover photography: Jonathan Highbee

Thank you!

K, bye