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Limoclub specializes in nights out, proms, bachelor parties, weddings, corporate and airport transportation.

Limoclub, Inc. is a family owned and operated business with over 12 years of experience in the transportation business. Our commitment has secured for us a reputation of outstanding service with our thousands of satisfied customers.

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A limousine is a luxury vehicle driven by a chauffeur with a partition between the driver's compartment and the passenger compartment

A car with a partition and a lengthened wheelbase is called a "stretch limousine"

In some countries, a "limousine service" is a pre-booked hire car with driver, regardless of the type of vehicle

In German-speaking countries, a Limousine is simply a sedan, 
while a lengthened-wheelbase car is called Stretch-Limousine

The word limousine is derived from the name of the French region Limousin. 
A particular type of carriage hood or roof physically resembled the raised hood of the cloak worn by the shepherds there

An alternate etymology has the chauffeur wearing a Limousin-style cloak 
in the open driver's compartment, for protection from the weather

The name was then extended to this particular type of car with a permanent top projecting over the chauffeur

The 1916 definition of limousine by the US Society of Automobile Engineers 
is "a closed car seating three to five inside, with driver's seat outside"

Rich owners of expensive carriages and their passengers were accustomed to their own private 
compartment leaving their coachman or driver outside in all weathers.

When automobiles arrived the same people required a similar arrangement for their chauffeurs

In the US sub-categories of limousines in 1916 were the berline defined as "a limousine having the driver's seat entirely enclosed", and the brougham, defined as "a limousine with no roof over the driver's seat."

Other variations were the limousine-landaulet with a removable or folding roof section over the rear passenger seat, and the limousine de-ville, with a solid roof over the rear passengers but a removable or folding roof section over the driver's seat

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​Print ads. Limo

​Print ads. Limo

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