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    Concept, Art and Design of New Line TV graphic identity and television screen transitional artwork by Carlos Morel
another point of view
Originally, I had three options from animators for this TV commercial. This girl's speaking at the grave of her mother was very exciting, but a little sad and this was not the message. The animation is flawless!

This second animation that I had in my desk was much discussed. Almost everyone in the creative team  loved and had a great sense, but somehow disturbing for some audiences. Undeniable strength!
Mona Lisa was the perfect animation for this project. Suggestive, sensual, mysterious and also very beautiful. There is always something beyond the news and that was the real message. These three animations deserve an Oscars Award, really!

As a Creative Director, I was responsible for the development of this project, with oversight of the creative team and processes. I led the creative team to develop and launch this TV commercial carefully selecting from the appropriate footage, to the animations and to the difficult selection of voice over talents. My collaborative designs are as well part of this beautiful sequence.

This is my concept, graphic Design and creative direction for the creation of the New Line TV and France 24-America Brands in 2008.
Concept by Carlos Morel:
An inspirational concept of discovering will introduce the tele-audience to an fascinating world of discovery. The concept has to be challenging and propelling and smooth and suggestive at the same time.

As the banner slogan said  "A piece of the human feelings through their emotions" .
One image is worth a thousand words", someone said, but a clean and imperative design can change the whole game. My creative concept for this banner is very simple, it is the cyan spot that does the balance in this, my design.
This is the first intro created for New Line TV Company, in fact I always liked more than the ultimate chosen, but the market always rules. This was a very nice work where all the creative team gave the maximum of his talent. I designed the logos and also the slogan "another point of view".