Things to Expect from Your First Dental Implant Procedu
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Things to Expect from Your First Dental Implant Procedure
It is going to be a major decision to get a dental implant because it is like getting the looks and strength of your jaw back. But like any other dental procedure, you may have apprehensions if the process is painful or not. And if it is painful, how long you are going to feel the pain?

The good news is that dental implant is not that painful as it may look like. However, it surely is complicated and there may be several things which you will have to take care of. Knowing about those things beforehand can save you from a lot of confusion and the procedure will surely be easier for you to deal with.
Steps involved in dental implant
The dentist will have to make sure that you are the right candidate for dental implant. For this purpose, the first thing your dentist is going to do is to take the x-ray test of your oral cavity. That will help the dentist know if there are any problems with the neighboring teeth of the missing tooth, jawbone, or any other area. The major purpose of dental-rays is to make sure that you have sufficient jawbone to support dental implant.
You dentist needs to have an idea about how your teeth, gums and related tissues look like. For this purpose, he/she may ask you to provide them your dental impression. The impression tray will be put into your mouth and you will have to bite on it. This biting will allow the material you are biting on to have the shape of your teeth.
Tooth extraction
One thing worth mentioning here is that you don’t have to wait for your tooth to fall off before you go for the dental implant. if your tooth infected and your dentist thinks that there is no way to save it, you can ask him/her to extract the tooth and give you the dental implant. Since the area will be properly numbed or you will be on sedatives, you will not feel any pain during the tooth extraction procedure.
After your tooth is extracted, you will be asked to wait for a few days in order to get the area healed reasonably. After the area is ready for another surgery, the dentist is going to drill a hole into the jawbone so that a metal root can be fixed inside. This metal root is what we call implant. If the jawbone in the area is already deteriorated, your dentist will opt for the bone grafting in order to give the area enough amount of jawbone to support the implant.
After the implant is screwed in, you will be asked to wait for 2 to 4 weeks. This time period of leaving the implant without any further treatment is necessary because your jawbone needs to fuse with the newly installed metal root. Once the jawbone fuses with the root, the implant will become permanent part of your smile.
A crown cannot be fixed directly on the implant. There needs to be a holder for the crown to be fixed properly. This holder is usually made of metal and it is most commonly known as abutment.
After the abutment is placed, the dentist is going to place a crown on the implant. This crown is usually made of porcelain and it is strong enough to provide you with enough bite force you need in order to chew your favorite foods.

While you will be able to regain the ability to chew your favorite foods with dental implant, the dentists are going to recommend you to avoid chewing hard foods for a couple of months after the implant is fixed in. The reason is that your mouth needs to accept the dental implant fully; and it will take a while. For further guidance, you can consult your dentist.