Reebok has a rich athletic, and stylistic heritage, from classic and genre defining footwear like the Pump to the current unmistakable Zigs.
Maintaining part of that culture of originality and boldness is key to unlocking the Reebok brand, along with a clear focus on quality and simple design.
The current line shows many unifying elements that can be drawn upon to ensure a new product will fit into the line.
I want to take the Reebok DNA and create a trail running shoe to complement it. The core influence is the trails themselves, this is something I find great joy in and know that it is a growing field for running enthusiasts today. 
Salomon, Vibram and New Balance all have very successful products in the category. Each of the shoes offers unique elements from the minimal to the full structure and styling keys to signify they are ready for endurance and the rough and tumble of the outdoors.
Pulling the color palette from the forest was a lot of fun and a great way to create instant validity for the product. The aim was having the footwear as a natural part of the environment and not an intruder to it, while still having the Reebok pop of style and substance.