Loneliness | Borealis Festival

Loneliness – poetic projection mapping on the museum of History and Industry 
in Seattle as a part of Borealis festival of light. The piece is a 3 minutes long experimental, audio-visual artwork, 3D projection mapped over the entirety of the museum’s facade. It envisions the museum undergoing 
a cosmic eruption. The historic building appears at first to explode, and then to implode on itself, as if a black hole had emerged from the core of its interior. A metaphysical and evocative moment then unfolds at the climax. The whole process is accompanied by Brodsky’s poem of the same name.

Style Frames

Authors of the idea 
Alexander Us, Yuri Kolokolnikov

Art Director 
Ilya Balakin

Julia Isiyk, Sveta Ermolaeva

Production Director 
Denis Sidorenko

Ilya Samokhvalov

Concept Arists 
Tatiana Kazakova, Elizaveta Romanova

CG Artists 
Maria Borisenkova, Madina Fattakhova, 
Ilya Samokhvalov, Evgeny Verkhovtsev, 
Andrey Kuznetsov, Oleg Barankin

Mitya Vikhornov

Anton Arkhipov
Loneliness | Borealis Festival