Google: 20th Birthday Doodle
Motion Graphics
Google: 20th Birthday Doodle

The world’s best known drawing board was a great canvas to get creative with. To celebrate its 20th birthday, Google invited us to make a special anniversary Doodle.
We created endless ways to design, illustrate and animate the web’s top search queries from the past two decades. Spanning the globe in 20 questions and languages, we flexed all our animation muscles to create this whirlwind tour of Google's two-decade history for their global audience to enjoy, and we hope you'll enjoy it now too.
Art Direction
Nico Piccirilli, Fran Marquez

Animation Direction
Nico Piccirilli, Fran Marquez

Associate Creative Director
Vincent Vercoutre

Art Team
Nico Piccirilli, Fran Marquez, Sergio Filho, Yan Jamacaru, Germán Di Ciccio, Juan Behrens, Lorenzo Milito

2D Animation
Declan Byrne, Nico Piccirilli, Sergio Filho, Germán Di Ciccio, Maxime Inden, Patrick Brem, Adriel Delgado, Tom Kamps, Floris van Raak, Michiel Schellekens, Oscar Sobrino

Stop Motion
Daniela Uribe (Blnd)

3D Animation
Oscar Sobrino, Martijn van den Broek, Adriel Delgado

Tara Conlin, Thymo van der Vlies

Global Head of Animation
Pierre Nelwan
Google: 20th Birthday Doodle
Multiple Owners
Germán Di Ciccio