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    Nike - TRAIN TO WIN Describe the brief from the client: Nike has always been known to build its brand through its athletes, in order to challenge… Read More
    Nike - TRAIN TO WIN Describe the brief from the client: Nike has always been known to build its brand through its athletes, in order to challenge the youth and amateur players to live out the “Just Do it” spirit. Locally, their most celebrated athlete is Manny Pacquiao. To maximize this partnership, Nike wanted to inspire Filipinos to embrace sport like Manny. However, Manny at the time was facing a fight where the odds were 7 to 1 in his favor. How could Nike prove that the seven-time world champion still personified the “Just Do It” spirit, even if it looked like he was going to win easily? Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation: We decided to tell the story of why Pacquiao deserved to win, and attributed it all to his unrivalled dedication to training. To heighten consumers’ appreciation for this, our promo was designed to give them a small taste of what Manny goes through when he trains. The online contest challenged consumers to try to match the boxer's intense workouts by doing as many consecutive push-ups as they could in a video. Nike would give them a corresponding raffle ticket for each push-up. So the harder they trained, the greater their chances of winning – an exact mirror of Manny’s journey. Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results: In 20 days, Pacquiao’s fans uploaded a total of 6,319 push-ups. Nowhere near Pacquiao’s record perhaps, but a remarkable show of effort from non-professional athletes. Within 10 days, the website garnered 300% more views than the previous Pacquiao campaign, despite having less than 30% of the previous campaign’s online media budget. A line of trainers was designed to commemorate the match, which was launched with the Train to Win Campaign. Just two weeks after the launch, Nike sold 100% of the stock of the Pacquiao shoes. As a comparison, the Nike benchmark for average sell-through is 55% in eight weeks. Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service: While the digital rule of thumb is to make participation as simple and easy as possible, this campaign went against the grain by requiring a tremendous amount of effort from consumers. However, since exertion was so integral to the overall idea, consumers rose to the challenge and showed a willingness to engage more deeply with a brand that gave them good reason to. By making consumers’ chances of winning directly proportionate to the effort they put in, we made it worthwhile for them to work harder than they’re used to, which further reinforced the message of the entire campaign. Recognition: 2010 Spikes Asia Advertising Festival Awards Consumer Products & Services - Winner INFORMATION / CREDITS Advertiser/Client: Nike Advertising Agency: OGILVY & MATHER PHILIPPINES Creative Credits Creative Director: Dino Ocampo (OgilvyOne worldwide Philippines) Art Director: Pocoy Calvento (OgilvyOne worldwide Philippines) Graphic Artist: Gilbert Ibañez (Redworks Manila) Read Less