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    My sources of inspiration for my own VICE style cover shoot for unit In The Studio.
VICE Shoot  Inspiration

An idea I have often played with wanting to explore in my work, both personal and hopefully at some point commercial is creating very high end style fashion shoots. But making them less serious. Incorporating a prop or idea that breaks down the serious nature of a fashion shoot and creates something playful. 
In studio portraits I really like when there is a clear separation between the subject and background: whether this be physically and dynamically, or tonally and with lighting.

Photographers I have found that achieve this well are Steve Chris, Robert Bartholot, and Per Florian Appelgren who shot a handful of the images above.

Examples of other visual artists who inspire me are: make-up artist and creative director Moshoodat, whose work is exactly the right balance of incredible vibrant colours that really grab you by the face and draw you in, and soft beauty style images. These images are shot by Joey Rosado who goes by Islandboiphotography online, and whose work I admire greatly.
I want to ideally start the shoot on a soft lighting set up to create soft light across the whole of the face of my model, using a large octagon to achieve, I'm considering a background light to help create a good separation between the subject and backdrop.