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Smarket App
This project was developed in a academic class, a challenging opportunity to create some conceptually innovative app. An exercise that involves strategy and a tempting design.
My idea was to create something really relevant, something to make lives easier. That's the reason why I decided to develop a app for supermarkets  where you can spend less time, efforts and money while buy the your favorite brands.
In terms of design, what was created is a simple and intuitive layout to be sure about praticity. Regarding its funcionality I can say that all the innovation is in the fact that with this app you'd be able to locate where is the nearest supermarket according to your buying list. Plus you'd receive the localization of every single item of your list inside the store, if there is any other store with best prices and how much money your list will cost. Another innovative point is the option to select items according to your specific preferences like eco friendly, veegee, national, etc.
Of course to make this project viable would be necessary a highly qualified work in information tecnology but the exercise here was creativity and innovation.
24 hours McDonald's
Problem: The briefing was asking for promote  the 24 hours services of a brazilian McDonald's store.
Solution: No matter what time is it, just matter you're hungry. So with a 24 hours store you can make your meals any time. To illustrate it, I decided to show that unlike other places, Silva Só Store makes your breakfast, lunch and dinner time so much longer, exactly like the words shown at the ads.

Concept poster