Union Square:
    A traffic intersection and national historic attraction, centrally located in Manhattan, New York City. The square was built in 1882 and has ever since been a popular social area of events like: markets, cultural events, and political demonstrations. On 3 hectare, Union Square is home to more than 70,000 people, 900 retail shops, and has a versatile range of gastronomy and cultural establishments.

    Union Square Partnership 
    A civic organization that voluntarily cooperates with the areas businesses, residents and cultural institutions to ensure future growth and success. The program includes public safety, economic development, marketing, including beautification of Union Square Park.
    Current, both residents and visitors of Union Square have a very poor overview of all the opportunities, offers and business which are located in the area. Union Square Partnership wishes to establish a better awareness and improve the information dissemination throughout the district.

    The new identity system utilizes the geography of Union Square to optimize the information dissemination by making the new logo mark a map of the area – Now all businesses within Union Square have the opportunity to add a pin on the logo mark and lead the target group buyers in the correct location. The identity also involves a map outside of Union Square to encourage new potential visitors.
    Union Square Festival
    A proposal for an annual cultural event, which celebrates businesses of the area: A 3 day feast of premium dining, art and entertainment. The festival also works as a permanent advertising campaign which purpose is the expose Union Square as a vibrant and exciting district to be living in. The visual identity of Union Square will have a contemporary and colorful expression during the festival. Various posters of maps, custom made for each particular ad location, will lead the pedestrians to Union Square and make them aware of the festivals presences. 

    Agency: School of Visual Communication
    Client: Union Square, New York
    Creative field(s): Art Direction, Branding, Digital Design, Information Design.
    Type: Proposal (School Assignment)
    Year: 2013

  • Website Design

  • Festival Identity

  • ​Thorbjørn Gudnason