Mariscal at this diferents exhibitions presents a selection of works produced by Javier Mariscal over a period of 40 years, the last 20 of them in his own studio, the Estudio Mariscal. With this exhibitions, hopes to immerse you in the multidisciplinary world of the Mariscal ‘factory’, conveying you into the heart of the creative process and giving you insights, through your own experience, into the vital pulse that drives the work of Javier Mariscal and his team.
Exhibition at Seoul -  Mariscal The Art Player
Client Seoul Arts Center. Hangaram Art Museum. 
Country Korea
Year March 2013- October 2014
Exhibition at London Mariscal Drawing Life
Client London Design Museum
Country Spain
Year july - October 2009
Exhibition at La Pedrera of the works of Mariscal
Client Caixa Catalunya
Country Spain
Year 29th September 2010 - 30th January 2011

Garriris Dioramas
Curator: Pedrín E. Mariscal